How we conduct our clinical trials

Our main focus is the trial participant when we conduct clinical research. Read more about our values and principles for clinical trial conduct

Before you volunteer to participate in a clinical trial

We do research in both healthy subjects and in patients.
A few key matters are important for trial participants prior to volunteering and they are listed here

When you have decided to volunteer

We have clinical trials recruiting new patients at the moment. Learn more about the clinical trials process when you have decided to volunteer

How we disclose trial information to the public

We are committed to transparency concerning our clinical research and disclose information about clinical trials and their results to the public

We share anonymised data with other researchers

We inform the public about the results from our clinical trials as required by international and national law. See the details concerning sharing of anonymised data

For the researcher: How to access clinical trial datasets

As a researcher you may want to study the underlying study or patient level data to conduct further research. Read about how to access clinical trial datasets